Robins Combined Federal Campaign kicks off

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  • By Jenny Gordon
  • Robins Public affairs
The Robins 2013 Combined Federal Campaign season kicks off once again in early October.

This year's campaign runs Oct. 8 through Nov. 22.

The early bird deadline is Oct. 25. Sixty organizations across Robins received early bird recognition last year.

The Middle Georgia CFC, which covers 17 counties, has a tentative goal this year of $1.4 million.

"This year's campaign theme, 'Serving our Country and Supporting our Community' is an excellent reason to support the CFC," said Mark Shores, CFC chair. "We all know our community and country is challenged more now than ever to support those who are in need. This is an opportunity to give back."

There are currently more than 30 super monitors representing organizations across the base, with more than 200 additional key workers and volunteers.

A new feature this year is the option to donate online using 'myPay' when employees access their leave and earning statements. That option is voluntary. Hard copy pledge cards will be distributed too.

Robins has exceeded its goal every year since 2002, according to Paul Nagle, CFC director.

In 2011 - the latest figures available - local organizations were the recipients of more than $638,000; national organizations, more than $943,000; and the rest distributed among international organizations and others.

The world's largest annual workplace giving campaign, CFC was created in 1961 when then-President John F. Kennedy authorized the U.S. Civil Service Commission to develop guidelines and regulate fundraising in the federal service.

CFC is authorized and regulated by the US Office of Personnel Management.

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2013 CFC super monitors 
Master Sgt. Morris Craven, 461st ACW
Master Sgt James Harker, 5th CCG
Master Sgt. William Parker, 5th CCG 
Capt. Mindy Davis, 78th ABW
Cheryl McBroom, 78th ABW
Dawn Dixon, AFAA
Alice Escobedo, AFLCMC EBG
2nd Lt. Carl Sucro, AFLCMC EBHA
Master Sgt. Michael Nakoski, AFLCMC HBG
Tech Sgt. Olivia Green, AFLCMC IN
2nd Lt. Tony Huang, AFLCMC WIU
2nd Lt. Richard Hanberg, AFLCMC WIU
2nd Lt. Rico Lane, AFLCMC WLM
2nd Lt. Andrew Bettenger, AFLCMC WLN
2nd Lt. David Fernandez, AFLCMC WLS
Capt. Aileen Bailey, AFLCMC WNY
Jose Stein, AFLCMC WNY
Master Sgt. Wilbert Terrell, AFLCMC WNZ
Sheree Quattlebaum, AFLCMC WWQ
Rebecca Brooks, AFLCMC WWQ
2nd Lt. Carlos Horner, AFRL/RXSSR
Patti Williams, DLA WR
Emily Arthmann, DP I & DP R
Urania McCormick EN-R, EZG
Master Sgt. Lawrence Cathcart Flight Test
Lori Benton FZ-R
Tpring Card, FZ-R
Capt. Lori Bartz, HQ AFRC
Capt. David Garrett, HQ AFRC
2nd. Lt. Honghao Wu, PK (AFLCMC & AFSC)
Frederick Anderson, SB-R
Barbara Anderson, SCMG
Amy Huff, WR-ALC
Reginald Saunders, WR-ALC