AFSC Commander Message - Potential Government Shutdown

  • Published
  • By Lt. Gen. Bruce A. Litchfield
  • Air Force Sustainment Center commander
As promised, I'm coming to you with information as I receive it. The Air Force Sustainment Center has been asked to make preparations for a potential government shutdown. The annual funding for the government expires on September 30 and if there is a lapse in appropriations, several government activities will cease due to lack of funding.

Military personnel will remain on regular duty status, but there is the potential for a large number of our civilian employees to be temporarily furloughed. However, if the Air Force gives us the same direction as it did in 2011 when we last planned for a shutdown, we anticipate direct labor employees to be exempt.

In preparation, it's important for us to update our employee rosters and review the process for shutdown, should it occur. I know this puts undue stress and hardship on several of you - putting a toll on everyone at work and at home.

I remain hopeful that a government shutdown will be averted, and will keep you updated as I receive information.

Thank you for everything you do for our Air Force and our nation.

Keep 'em flying. It's what we do!


Lieutenant General, USAF
Commander, AFSC