Helpful personnel information on the government shutdown

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By now, all civilian employees should have been verbally notified of their excepted/non-excepted status. Non-excepted employees should have received the Notice of Decision to Furlough. The Notice of Decision was to include a listing of local MSPB offices.

The address for the Atlanta Regional Office is:

401 West Peachtree Street, NW, 10th floor,
Atlanta, Ga. 30308-3519
Facsimile No.: (404) 730-2767, (Alabama; Florida; Georgia; Mississippi; South Carolina; and Tennessee).

For all other Regional and Field Offices CLICK HERE

Federal employees wishing to file for unemployment compensation through Georgia Department of Labor will need the Standard Form 8 (SF-8) to file a claim.
The SF-8 is available through: 78 FSS/FSMC, Civilian Personnel Customer Service Office, located at 365 Byron Street, Robins AFB GA.

The Air Force has created "Actions to Implement an Orderly Shutdown Checklist." It is important that all employees are able to have a copy of this checklist, regardless of their status. It contains instructions for the workforce in order to shutdown government operations in the most orderly way possible. Military and excepted civilians will continue to work past Oct. 1.

The Checklist for Exempt Employees, Excepted Employees, Non-Excepted Employees, and Military Members can be found by clicking HERE.

Questions and Answers on Emergency Shutdown Furloughs can be found on MyPers. To view from a governent computer,  CLICK HERE.