OSHA withdraws citation

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  • Robins Public Affairs
The Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex and Occupational Safety and Health Administration have reached an agreement that essentially rescinds the Notification of Violation the administration levied against the complex 10 days ago for "not developing more stringent engineering controls to protect employees who perform hand sanding work on C-17s from exposure to Chromium (VI)." The two organizations signed the agreement late Friday.

Under the arrangement, the complex will increase both visual monitoring of the operation and frequency of air monitoring in Bldg. 59B while it continues to work to incorporate technical engineering solutions, including the possible use of mechanical arm sanders and plastic media blasting, into the sanding process. In turn, the administration will erase the citation.

When it issued the NOV, OSHA said a specific airborne level of Chromium (VI) is not to be exceeded in the workplace, even if workers are wearing personal protection equipment, unless an employer can prove that all efforts to minimize the amount have been exhausted. Although its employees are properly protected, OSHA said Robins should be doing more to limit the amount of the contaminant in the location.

The complex commander, Brig. Gen. Cedric George, said at the time the organization " ... will continue to pursue new and better technologies to make our workplaces as safe as possible because we believe employees have the right to a safe and healthy work environment.

"Our goal regarding employee safety is to go above and beyond 'mere compliance' with OSHA requirements," he added.