Domestic Violence: Make a difference

  • Published
  • By Dana Rozelle
  • Family Advocacy Program
For fiscal 2013, there were 15,920 incidents that met the criteria for family abuse, according to the Department of Defense Family Advocacy Program. Acts included child neglect, physical, sexual and emotional abuse. The DOD further reports 16 domestic abuse fatalities in fiscal 2013. 

Those facts hit home. You probably know someone who has been affected by domestic violence. The Robins Family Advocacy Program is here to help anyone dealing with abuse. 

Services help break the pattern of abuse, while restoring emotional and physical safety.  Family Advocacy offers outreach and prevention programs, maltreatment intervention and 24-hour access to victim advocacy services for adults (478) 257-9071. 

There are ways to get involved to help break the cycle. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month with local events happening to shine light on this cause. Get involved by attending an event, picking up literature, and sharing it. Wear a purple ribbon to show others you are taking a stand. 

If you know someone is a victim of abuse, believe them. Be non-judgmental. Support them. Listen to them. Respect their decisions and offer to connect them to help when they're ready. 

If you believe someone is using abusive actions against a partner, speak out.  Let them know you are concerned, and that you will not sit by any longer without saying something.  Name the things that bother you about their behavior. Urge them to get help and offer your support. 

If you need more information about how to help stop abuse, please call (478) 327-8398.