Robins joins America Recycles Day

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  • Robins Public Affairs
Nov.15 is America Recycles Day, and Team Robins is doing its part.

The new base recycling center, Bldg. 987, is located behind the Base Exchange and Auto Hobby Shop. There are 16 drive-up windows which slide open for people to deposit recyclables. Each window is labeled to indicate the type of recyclables accepted. 

Recyclables are collected from Bldg. 987 and other small recycling stations and bins across the base three times a week.

Other drop-off locations include recycling trailers at Turner and Forest parks, and the Museum of Aviation. During fiscal 2014, the base collected 380 tons of cardboard, 241 tons of paper, nine tons of aluminum, 49 tons of glass and 32 tons of plastics, generating revenue of more than $93,650.

The base recycling program recycled 1,182 tons of scrap metal, 153 tons of used oil and more than 25 tons of batteries.

The scrap metal yard is located behind Bldg. 1555.   Editor's note: For information on the Robins Qualified Recycling Program and the scrap metal yard, call DSN 497-9283 or 478-327-9283.