Changes coming to discretionary allotments in 2015

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Effective Jan.1, members will no longer be authorized to start a discretionary allotment for the lease, purchase, or rental of personal property items such as: vehicles, electronics, household goods and any tangible movable items.

Members with such allotments currently in effect will be grandfathered, and those allotments will be allowed to continue.

Also effective Jan.1, the only change authorized to a grandfathered discretionary allotment under this policy will be for amount changes only. If the financial institution's or business address the allotment is sent to changes, or if an account or routing number changes, the member will be required to stop the grandfathered allotment. No new allotment will be authorized.

A warning banner will be added to the myPay allotment screen to remind members that these type allotments are no longer authorized.

In addition, the allotment form DD Form 2858 will be updated with a statement that
prohibits using the form to start these type allotments. The statement will read,  "Under penalty of the Uniformed Code of Military Justice, I certify that this allotment is not for the purchase, lease or rental of personal property or payment toward personal property."

These type allotments can still be started through Dec. 31. All type changes to these type allotments currently in effect can be requested through Dec. 31. Then effective Jan. 1, no more allotment starts via myPay or through manual submission of a DD Form 2858, even if dated prior to Jan. 1, will be authorized or processed.

And, only a monetary change will be authorized to process for the aforementioned grandfathered allotments, even if the DD Form 2858 requesting a change is
dated prior to Jan. 1.

Stops to the grandfathered allotments can be requested by the member at any time. Restarts will not be authorized.