Military Saves Week emphasizes fiscal fitness

  • Published
  • By Angela Woolen
  • Robins Public Affairs
Robins Air Force Base is readying for its Military Saves week-long campaign as part of the Department of Defense Financial Readiness Campaign Monday through Feb. 28.

As part of the week, briefings, seminars and other events will be held by Robins Federal Credit Union and SunTrust Bank.

Financial planning, however, isn't just a one week per year endeavor for the Airman and Family Readiness Center's personal financial readiness services division.

With classes and personal one-on-one counseling sessions, Anthony Pope, Accredited Financial Counselor, and community readiness specialist at the A&FRC, does this week in and week out at Robins.

Since taking over the program three years ago, Pope estimated that he has helped hundreds of military and civilian personnel get out of debt.

"It can really change people," Pope said about getting people out of debt.

During a recent transitions class which helps retirees and those transitioning out of the military, the couple dozen attendees were given the tools they needed to help set a budget for when their time at Robins comes to an end.

His main point of the afternoon was helping people with a spending plan. He cautioned attendees about living within their incomes.

"Why do you need a budget?" he asked them. "So you don't spend more than you've got."

The credit industry is a multi-trillion dollar business, Pope told his class.

The DOD is mindful of the fact that a negative credit report and financial troubles can lead to disciplinary actions with military members which is why the Military Saves campaign is so critical to the mission, Pope said.

He will be at the Wynn Dining Facility Monday morning handing out brochures. 

This year, if military members visit and "Take The Pledge," they will be eligible to receive a true FICO score, according to Pope.

"My whole goal is for everyone on base to have a savings plan," he said.

To set up one-on-one appointments or for free financial classes, call (478) 926-1256.