Robins announces Earth Day photo contest

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  • Robins Environmental Management
In honor of the 45th Anniversary of Earth Day, Environmental Management invites you to participate in the inaugural Robins Air Force Base Earth Day Photo Contest. 

We're looking for photographs displaying our natural inhabitants while highlighting our interactions with the local flora and fauna here on base. With so much diversity at your fingertips right here on the installation, get outside and explore Robins' fascinating and natural canvas. Consider visiting the parks, hiking trails, and lakes to capture the winning photos for this year's contest.


Who is eligible to participate:  Everyone!  Photo entry age groups are available for children, teens, and adults with accessibility to the base.

· Children (12 years old and under)
· Teen (13 through 17 years old)
· Adult (18 years and older)

What are the photo categories: There are three photo entry categories.  Remember all photographs must be taken on base. Each person may submit one photo per category.

· Flora (plants, trees, flowers, landscapes)
· Fauna (wildlife, animals, inspects, rodents, reptiles)
· People enjoying nature

How many winners? 

· There will be a total of nine winners, one winner for each age group per category. 
When will the photo contest take place:  Submit your photos by March 31.  Winners will be announced April 22, Earth Day, on the official Robins Air Force Base Facebook page!
· Through March 31:  Submit photos for entry
· April 1 through 15:  Voting on the Team Robins Earth Day Photo Contest Facebook page at
· April 22:  Winners announced

How do I submit my photos? 

· Photographs can be submitted until March 31 by emailing one digital photograph (5x7 inches, 300 ppi, jpg) accompanied by an entry form to Kimberly Mullins ( or Casey Lucas (  Photographs received after 6 p.m. March 31 will not be entered into the contest.  Submit a separate form for each photograph.  See Rules, Terms, and Conditions for limitations on photo editing. 

Where do I vote?

· You can vote for your favorite photos by liking them on the Team Robins Earth Day Photo Contest Facebook page at  Voting will end at 6 p.m. April 15 and photos will be removed from the contest page.  Winning photos will be placed on Robins AFB Facebook on April 22.

What do I win?

· Winners will receive their winning photograph in an 8x11 beautiful frame from Robins Arts and Crafts Center! 
Where do I pick-up my winning photo framed by Robins Arts and Crafts Center?
· Winners will be contacted directly with details of where and when to take home their winning photographs. 


Individuals interested in entering the Robins Air Force Base Earth Day Photo Contest shall comply with the following: You must review the rules, terms, and conditions before submitting any photo.  By submitting your photo, you have agreed to the rules, terms and conditions.

Photographs are limited to Robins AFB; however, no photographs shall be taken of planes or restricted areas, including but not limited to the flightline and operations.

Entries are limited to one photo per person per category.  Each photo must be accompanied by a separate entry form.  (Example:  John Smith may submit a total of three photos:  one photo in the Flora, one photo in the Fauna and one photo in the People enjoying nature category.)    

Consent must be obtained by the photographer from any person included in the photo before submitting their contest entry. 

Children under 18 must have photographs submitted via email by parents or guardian granting approval with the signed entry form. 

Minor burning, dodging and/or color correction is acceptable.  Cropping is acceptable. Fish-eye lenses are acceptable.  High dynamic range images (HDR) are acceptable.  Panoramic photos are not acceptable.  Any changes to the original photograph not itemized here are unacceptable and will render the photograph ineligible for a prize.  Photos are to be submitted in 5x7 in, 300 ppi, jpeg format. 

All images must be taken by the submitting photographer and shall not infringe upon the rights of another photographer.

All photographs will become property of Robins Air Force Base and can be used in future publications.

Due to email restrictions, please limit emails to one photograph and one entry form per email.  

Animals witnessed in the wild are wild - do not attempt to touch or feed them, and always remember to stay a safe distance away.

Photos must not incur danger to plants, animals, self, or others.  Robins Air Force Base or its affiliates are not responsible for injury or harm caused while trying to capture photos. 

Digital images that are not sent via email to or and do not contain the signed entry form will not be accepted. 

Photos received after 6 p.m. March 31 will not be eligible to participate. 
Eligibility is contingent upon meeting the rules, terms, and conditions listed above.  

By submitting your photograph you are agreeing that all these conditions have been met.