Construction on point

  • Published
  • By Jenny Gordon
  • Robins Public Affairs
Thanks to construction crews, an area that formerly housed facilities once home to the 78th Civil Engineer Group is now getting a bit of a makeover.

Five buildings are scheduled to be demolished during the next few weeks. The buildings are thought to be at least 40 years old, according to Jim Bearden, 78th CEG construction project manager, who oversees base demolition projects.

One building, Bldg. 265, was demolished Tuesday. Two other buildings, Bldg. 267 and Bldg. 275, were either in the process of being demolished or taken apart this week. The others are Bldgs. 268 and 271. 

Before demolition, all buildings underwent a lead and asbestos abatement process. Once the five buildings are demolished and debris is removed, the area, which encompasses less than a half-acre, will have sod installed where the buildings once stood for greenery purposes.  

Four other buildings will remain standing on the property with future plans for demolition, said Bearden. 

Shops began to shift eastward once construction was completed of new facilities in Bldg. 1555. 

Periodically there were tenants who would occupy the older buildings but over the years they deteriorated and became unsafe. 

The contractor has an estimated project completion date of Aug. 3.  

Also, two buildings on the other side of Robins at Beale Drive near Bldg. 12 will be demolished. Those include Bldgs. 2082 and 2088. 

In other news, construction has progressed along Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard during the last few weeks. 

The project will renew the asphalt road, curb and gutter, sidewalk with crosswalks and handicap-accessible curb ramps. It will correct existing drainage issues along the busy road. 

Two lanes are now allowing for traffic in one direction, with the other two lanes closed. Side streets and driveways will remain accessible. Motorists should use caution while driving around these areas while crews are working. 

The estimated project completion time is August. 

Also, a new chemical pharmacy construction project is being planned near Bldg. 645. 

Construction has not yet started due to completion of final design plans, according to Eugene Rusiecki with the 78th Civil Engineer Group. 

The estimated start date is mid-April.    

The areas affected will include the parking lot on the west side of Bldg. 645 and just north of Bldg. 638, to be used for the new building, and temporary contractor's staging areas and field office. 

This section of the parking lot - nine handicapped and 20 regular parking spaces - located south of Bldg. 638, will be closed for 10 months. 

New handicapped parking will be located south of the building prior to the construction start date. 

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