Be Safe! Get the most out of the holiday weekend

  • Published
  • By Ben Howard
  • 78th Air Base Wing Safety Office
Labor day - it's a time for rest, recreation and family fun. Most government offices, schools and businesses will be closed.

Communities across America normally provide public entertainment and events for your family and friends; public celebrations with fireworks, parades and outdoor festivities.

We recommend you watch the local news and weather reports to prepare for the events; remember to ensure appropriate arrangements are made for outside activities - sunscreen, drink plenty of fluids, safely prepare food, etc.

For many airmen, this is the last opportunity for a road trip prior to Thanksgiving and the holiday season.

We encourage everyone to use the buddy system and be a reliable Wingman - make sure someone is aware of your travel plans with an estimated return date and time. When planning a road trip provide information to your supervisor, a close friend or a coworker. 

Travelers need to know about the designated vacation location and forecasted weather conditions. A properly prepared travel plan will allow for an extremely enjoyable and fun vacation which will minimize stress, fatigue and reduce irrational decisions. 

Use the Travel Risk Planning System as a tool to assist in planning.

Cookouts are wonderful for reenergizing, revitalizing and creating family fun. When engaging in a picnic with grilling or a barbeque ensure the food is properly cooked, prepared and stored for freshness; remember to have the proper fire extinguishers readily available at the location.

Labor Day is a time for remembrance, fun and relaxation. Let's have some old fashion wholesome fun and enjoy this time away from work. We are definitely looking forward to your safe return and hearing about your uneventful amazing time off.