Video Teleconferencing Services offered

  • Published
  • By Celeste Ricks
  • 78th Plans and Programs chief
The 78th Communications Directorate is now offering standardized Video Teleconferencing services for Robins customers.

In the past, customers had various configurations of equipment with phone-line based connectivity. Robert Brown, 78th SC architect, developed a computer network based solution, to include hardware and software, that meets Department of Defense security hardening requirements.

The new VTC standard facilitates the Defense Information Systems Agency requirement to discontinue the old connectivity during fiscal 2016.

Currently, there are 27 VTCs in operation across Robins, three of which have been recently upgraded to the new standards with another four scheduled during the next two months.

Two additional sites are under survey, leaving 18 on the old integrated services digital network connections. 

Customers get more from the new configuration because it offers a consistent user interface in a more user-friendly environment.

Over time, the new standard is also expected to reduce costs.

The process to install or upgrade a VTC begins with a request to the 78th SC Service Request Management Office. The customer submits a description of the VTC functions they desire or a statement of work including the building and room where the VTC will be located.

The rest of the process is handled by the VTC Program Management Office. 

To ensure sustained compliance with DOD configurations and patches, and to provide for regular maintenance and repairs, customers will fund for VTC lifecycle sustainment, to include installation and sustainment, by working through the VTC Program Office. 

Customers also receive VTC operator training for the new equipment. 

Editor's Note: For more information or to get started with your own VTC, contact Robert Gray or Stacey Trice,  VTC program managers at 468-COMM or through the workflow at 78 ABW/SCXP Service Request Management Office.