Officer and enlisted evaluation systems interim change

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An interim change to Air Force Instruction 36-2406, Officer and Enlisted Evaluation Systems has been posted to the e-Publishing website.

The change includes guidance on Air Force form 707 and 911 - officer and enlisted performance reports. The changes became effective July 31.

Officer performance reports that closed out July 31 or later that are being routed on AF Form 707 (20140101 version), will need to be done again on the new AF Form 707.

All master sergeant and senior master sergeant evaluations that closed out July 31 or later must be completed on the "20150731V1" version of the 911.

Further, all officer evaluations that closed out after June 30 must be processed using the virtual personnel center.

Changes to the OPR include:
-- Block 1 of the Ratee's Identification Data indicates "Rank" versus "Grade" to match all other evaluation forms, and includes the number of non-rated days.

-- Section III, Performance Factors - The Fitness Exemption has been removed.

-- Section IX, block 7 has been removed and rolled into block 3, outlining the Professional Qualities of the Ratee's Performance Factor.

-- Block 3 has been updated to read "Exhibits loyalty, discipline, dedication, integrity, honesty and officership. Adheres to Air Force Standards (i.e. Fitness standards, dress and appearance, customs and courtesies and professional conduct.) Accepts personal responsibility. Is fair and objective." This aligns with the changes in the Physical Fitness program cited in IC2 to AFI 36-2406.

For more information, contact the 78th Military Personnel Section, Force Management Operations Element at, DSN: 472-6861 or COMM: 478-222-6861.