PMxCP Open Season

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The 2015 Fall and Winter Professional Maintenance Certificate Program open season begins Oct. 19, and the local office of primary responsibility will accept applications until Jan. 9.

All General Schedule, Federal Wage System and military personnel in the Air Force Materiel Command depot maintenance community interested in applying should submit an application package during this cycle.

Civil service employees and military personnel who don't work in maintenance may be eligible to apply if they meet the program requirements for a specific level and can provide the proper documentation to substantiate their eligibility.

Applicants must meet the eligibility requirements as identified in the PMxCP framework and outlined in the governing instruction - "AFMCI 36-402, Professional Maintenance Certificate Program."

The PMxCP was developed in response to the Office of the Secretary of Defense's goal of developing enterprise logisticians. Air Force Materiel Command headquarters led the development of a maintenance-specific certification program to formally recognize the maintenance workforce's skills and experience.

The PMxCP consists of five levels of certification.

Five occupational certificate codes have been added to the personnel system which can be used to document the Professional Maintenance Certificate Program in an individual's career brief. 

To apply, one must complete all program requirements for a target certification level, populate the required PMxCP application templates, and submit a complete application package for review no later than  Jan. 9. All PMxCP information, including program specifics and application details, is located at

Adjustments have been made to the PMxCP requirements sheet since the last open season, so applicants should check the PMxCP website or contact the local PMxCP OPR to ensure they have the most up to date requirements and templates.
All application packages will be vetted through the local PMxCP OPR.  Please direct all program and application process questions to Felicia Clark-Reid at or Peggy Harrell, at