Team Robins ensures F-15s available when needed.

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Thanks to the work being done at Robins, air power will continue to be available in the campaign to combat the Islamic State. 

According to recent news reports, the Defense Department is finalizing plans to send a number of F-15s to Incirlik Air Base in Turkey.

That's in addition to the 12 A-10s that were deployed over the last few weeks from Moody Air Force Base in Georgia, as well as news of the recent deployment of 'fewer than 50'  U.S. special operations forces to northern Syria who will offer advice and assistance to local forces.

The Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex's 561st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron provides depot maintenance on the Air Force's F-15 fleet, as well as programming support and foreign military sales support. 

Intensifying the air campaign by deploying additional aircraft such as F-15s is one part of five objectives outlined by DOD to achieve strategic success against ISIS.

Used concurrently with the existing U.S. and coalition forces campaign to put pressure on ISIS, the move will assist in securing Syria's northern border with Turkey to reduce the inflow of foreign fighters, material and money to ISIS, as well as "thicken air operations in the region" with more planes conducting airstrikes and intelligence assets to develop targets.