Forced Distribution town hall meetings Monday

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Robins will host two town hall briefings on Forced Distribution at the Base Theater Monday at 9:30 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Forced Distribution is the limited number of promotion recommendations a commander is authorized to give to promotion-eligible airmen. A control mechanism used by the Air Force to facilitate a needed cultural change, Forced Distribution allows commanders to evaluate airmen based on performance while accepting the fact that not every airman performs at the same level.

The number of forced distribution quotas are based on the total number of promotion eligible airmen in a specific grade on the Static Closeout Date/Promotion Eligibility Cutoff Date.

There are forced distribution percentages for each rank; senior airmen are restricted to 5 percent for Promote Now and 15 percent for Must Promote whereas staff sergeant and technical sergeant are restricted to 5 percent for Promote Now and 10 percent for Must Promote.

For more information, call Val Stovall or Master Sgt. Jaukena Mays at DSN 472-6861.