Over $28 million, 119 projects ahead

  • Published
  • By Jenny Gordon
  • Robins Public Affairs
The year ahead will be a busy one as work continues on various sustainment, restoration and modernization projects.

A total of 119 projects totaling $28.3 million to improve base infrastructure, to include paving and roofing projects, building demolitions, and repairing/replacing existing building lighting, fire alarm, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. 

A Few Highlights    
One significant project is the $3.6 million demolition of Bldg. 181 beginning in early 2016. No plans have been announced on what will replace it.

To accommodate traffic, another project will be the addition of traffic lights at Robins Parkway and Lakeside Drive, near Air Force Reserve Command.

There are also plans to create a community kitchen and dining area in the Bldg. 795 third floor dormitory. 

Two other projects include resurfacing the pool and replacing lights at the Heritage Club. There are also plans to resurface the indoor pool and replace lighting at the fitness center. 

On the mission side, ongoing repair and maintenance of runways, taxiways and aprons on the flight line will be completed at a cost of $3.6 million.  

Road improvements include the repair and overlay of Robins Parkway from First Street to Gate 127. This project will install a new curb, gutter and sidewalk; mill and overlay of Warner Robins Street from Seventh Street to Robins Parkway; and repair, mill and overlay Robins Parkway from Third Street to Richard Ray Boulevard, and 10th Street from Macon to Hawkinsville streets.

The Robins Conference Center and the library in Bldg. 905 are both scheduled to receive heating and air conditioning upgrades. 

Other upcoming projects will be the repair and replacement of the roof at the Heritage Club; lighting upgrades at the Youth Center; and construction and installation of sidewalks at Borghese and Beale drives.