Phoning it in: Telework program lets some Robins employees contribute to Air Force mission away from base

  • Published
  • By Holly Logan-Arrington
  • Robins Public Affairs
Sherry Rydzewski, a management analyst in the 448th Supply Chain Management Wing, doesn't bother coming to the office one day a week.

That's because she's one of a few hundred base employees working under an official telework agreement. It's an agreement that she says enables her to get more work done more quickly. And, it allows her to focus and complete projects without the normal interruptions in the workplace. 

About 40 percent of positions at Robins are eligible for telework, Regina Gilchrist, Robins' Employee Relations Office chief, said.

Telework sites include a person's home or otherwise designated alternative worksite. Supervisors are responsible for informing employees of their position's telework eligibility as well as employee participation status.  

Gilchrist said people should speak with their immediate supervisors and jointly complete DD Form 2946 as part of the process to telework.  

Generally, there are two common types of telework; (1) routine telework which occurs as part of an ongoing, regular schedule, and (2) situational telework that is approved on a case-by-case basis, where hours worked were not part of a previously approved, ongoing and regular work schedule. 

Emergency situation and unscheduled telework are two other types. Victoria Cox, with Robins' Civilian Personnel Office, said she has teleworked in various positions since 2000 with great results.  

"The key to a successful telework program is the manager setting expectations up front with the employee, holding employees accountable to be responsive to emails, instant messaging, phone calls, ensuring that customer service is seamless and that goals are still being met," she said.

Cox said telework is a privilege that can be revoked if expectations aren't met.

To learn more, take Telework Training 101 on the Office of Personnel Management's Human Resources University at