Bringing down the house: Contract awarded allowing for the demolition of 212 houses

  • Published
  • By Amanda Creel
  • 78th ABW/PA
More then 200 houses will soon be tumbling down as Robins continues its efforts to privatize military family housing in order to provide more adequate housing to the active-duty population at Robins.

The contract for $1.9 million has been awarded to All Phase Services, Inc. in Boca Raton, Fla. There will be 212 units demolished as part of this contract in both the Pine Oak and Crestview subdivisions.

The demolition is expected to begin June 11, said Bill Buecker, base architect and project manager.

"We just need to make sure the base community at large is aware that there will be continuous on-going operations with debris being removed from the base," Mr. Buecker said.

Four Team Robins families will be displaced as a result of the demolition. Those families in the housing area have already been notified and plans for their moves are already underway, said Lana Reaves, Military Housing Flight chief.

"We took care of the ones who wanted to remain on the base," Mr. Reaves said.

Another 37 families will continue living in the housing area until after the privatization contract is awarded, said Joe Killebrew, Robins housing privatization manager.

"There will be no access by unauthorized personnel during the demolition time period," Mr. Buecker said. "Those few residents still living in the Crestview housing area will be directed as to how to enter and exit."

All others should stay away from the demolition area.

Maj. Greg Anderson, 78th Security Forces Squadron commander, said members of Security Forces would have a more visible presence at the site during the demolition period in effort to deter anyone from using the area for inappropriate reasons such as vandalizing the property.

Members of the Robins community are encouraged to be aware of the construction sites and the possible dangers the sites present, such as sharp debris, heavy equipment, tripping hazards and exposed electrical wires, said Wayne Baldwin, safety representative for the Military Housing Flight. Children and adults should keep clear of the areas where the demolition is taking place until the project is completed.

The demolition is expected to be completed by the middle of October, Mr. Buecker said.

Ms. Reaves added the housing flight is, "on target for the privatization." The remaining 174 houses in Crestview will be demolished as part of the privatization contract in two phases, which is expected to be awarded by September. The first phase of demolition with the privatization contract will happen shortly after it is awarded. The second will happen within the first four years after the contract is awarded, Mr. Killebrew said.

The privatization contract will also include 76 new housing units being built in the Crestview housing area. 

212 -- houses to be demolished at Robins as part of the privatization effort
  74 -- houses in Pine Oak slated for demolition 
138 -- houses in Crestview slated for demolition 
  41 -- families remaining in the Crestview housing area 
   4 -- families relocated because of the demolition
1.9 -- cost of demolition project in millions