Base puts new drug and alcohol awareness campaign to the test

  • Published
  • By Amanda Creel
  • 78th ABW/PA
Events over the Memorial Day weekend elevated Robins' Drug and Alcohol Responsibility Condition level to DARCON Bravo, just weeks after launching the drug and alcohol awareness campaign targeting consciousness and accountability.

Two suspected drug-related incidents involving base personnel, lead to the elevation to DARCON Bravo.

One event involved two noncommissioned officers who were arrested on suspicion of possessing an illegal drug. The other event involved a civilian employee suspected of using an illegal drug while at work. Both cases are under investigation.

The DARCON system was tested for the first time as a result of the recent incidents and members of the Alcohol Issues Working Group were pleased with the efforts of the base community.

"We knew there were going to be some hiccups and speed bumps. What we've learned is there are some problems with dissemination of the information," said Senior Master Sgt. Anthony Pope, Airmen and Family Readiness Center superintendent and chairman of the AIWG.

He said the AIWG has identified things that need to be done differently and are finding more efficient ways to disseminate the information when the campaign is used in the future.

The DARCON campaign was implemented to address issues in the Robins community regarding drug and alcohol abuse. The aim of the campaign is to utilize face-to-face interaction to help discourage drug and alcohol abuse by discussing incidents or solutions to incidents during roll calls or other briefings in the workplace, he said.

"The goal is to quickly get the attention of our Airmen, let them know what happened and get them talking and exerting positive peer pressure as we strive to eliminate drug and alcohol-related misconduct," said Col. Theresa Carter, 78th ABW commander in a May 11 Rev-Up article announcing the program's launch.

Patterned after Force Protection Conditions, DARCON aims to raise awareness levels throughout the installation when a drug or alcohol related incident occurs by instilling personal accountability and increasing individual awareness.

"Prevention is always going to be our driving factor. We want to open their eyes and help them make smart choices," Sergeant Pope said.

The campaign utilizes several avenues to ensure the base population is aware of drug and alcohol-related events involving base personnel by posting the DARCON conditions on the base marquee, e-mail and the base splash page.

"We want people to know when they see the condition the severity of the event that has happened," Sergeant Pope said.

Those with ideas, suggestions or other feedback about the DARCON program are encouraged to e-mail 

*DARCON Normal -- Applies when no drug or alcohol related incidents have occurred.
*DARCON Alpha -- Applies when there is an increased risk for drug or alcohol abuse (for example, prior to an upcoming holiday, three-day weekend or other similar event.)
*DARCON Bravo -- Applies when a drug or alcohol-related incident occurred and no significant injuries are reported.
*DARCON Charlie -- Applies when a drug or alcohol-related incident occurs and results in significant injuries to one or more personnel.
*DARCON Delta -- Applies when a drug or alcohol-related incident results in death.