Richard Ray Boulevard changing lanes to make room for parking

  • Published
  • By Holly L. Birchfield
  • 78th ABW/PA
Richard Ray Boulevard is narrowing down to two lanes to make room for an additional 160 parking spaces on the north side of the thoroughfare.

The four-lane road, which runs along the north side of Bldgs. 300 and 301 and formerly accommodated traffic from the original main gate, will undergo its transformation as early as mid-July.

Tiffany Evans, a civil engineer in the 778th Civil Engineer Squadron's Design Branch, said 778th CES workers will do the changeover during weekends to make the project less burdensome on drivers.

Larry Allen, a community planner in the Programming and Planning Branch, said the conversion comes as Robins continues to battle with its ongoing parking space challenges.

"On Robins, we have a parking problem (involving) the placement of parking spaces," he said. "What this will do is add about 160 parking spaces to Richard Ray, which should help out a lot of the buildings like Bldgs. 300 and 301."

Mr. Allen said the 778th CES is looking at other ways to generate parking to head off the growing problem.

"This will not be the last parking issue that we will try to address," he said.