Players on world champion little league team have ties to Robins

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Five of the players on the Warner Robins American Little League team, which defeated Japan 3-2 to win the Little League World Series, have a parent who works at Robins.

Michael Conlon's son Zane (#5) plays second, short and pitches. Mr. Conlon is a sheet metal mechanic in 402nd Aircraft Maintenance Group.

Clint Jackson's son Hunter (#3) plays third and outfield. Mr. Jackson is an equipment cleaner in 402nd Commodities Maintenance Group.

David Martens's son Nick (#6) plays outfield and second base. Mr. Martens is a facility manager in 402 Software Maintenance Group.

Michael Wells's son Micah (#10) plays first base and outfield. Mr. Wells is an electronics technician in 402nd Electronics Maintenance Group.

Trish Wynn's son Clint (#12) plays pitcher and outfield. Mrs. Wynn is a management analyst in WR-ALC contracting office. 

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