Team Robins gives Kazakhstan Republic a glimpse into C-130 program, other base agencies

  • Published
  • By Amanda Creel
  • 78th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
Members of the air force of the Kazakhstan Republic visited Robins Tuesday in an effort to learn more about how the U.S. Air Force takes care of business.

"They are interested in acquiring C-130s themselves," said Joye Marshall, Foreign Military Sales Logistics Flight director for the C-130 program here. She said the group was here to see how Robins' C-130 Hercules program is set up and operates.

The group of seven visited the C-130 Combat Loss Replacement Program, where modifications are made to help enable C-130s to be combat ready to replace other aircraft lost in the war effort.

While touring the programs facilities, David Griffin, C-130 Production Flight chief, which is part of the 560th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, spoke about work schedules for the modifications and about other maintenance programs on the base such as program depot maintenance on the C-130 and the man hours and costs involved with scheduled maintenance. The group also discussed some of the labor and maintenance costs associated with the C-130 program.

"We are maintenance engineer officers interested to find out how long it takes to overhaul the plane," said Col. Yerlan Zhanakayev, engineering aviation directorate deputy chief for the air force of the Kazakhstan Republic.

The group wished they had been able to see more of the C-130 maintenance program, but because the 402nd Maintenance Wing was presently under inspection as part of the Logistics Standardization Evaluation Team's visit, some of their access had to be limited.

However, Colonel Zhanakayev said because their air force has little knowledge of the C-130 program, all of the knowledge presented by Mr. Griffin was new to the officers.

"The general information about maintenance and the repair process was interesting," Colonel Zhanakayev said.

Along with touring some of the C-130 facilities, the group also toured the Airmen and Family Readiness Center, the newly opened Fire Station 2 and the dining facilities on base.

Along with the interest in purchasing C-130s or another aircraft of its class, the group was also here doing research about the organization of the U.S. Air Force because the air force of the Kazakhstan Republic is looking at reorganizing.

The group used the opportunity to get a closer look at many of the programs the U.S. Air Force utilizes, including logistics and maintenance.

The group was impressed with the new fire station, but wished they were able to see more of the base during visit, Colonel Zhanakayev said.

Before returning to the Kazakhstan Republic Saturday, the group was also able to tour Keesler Air Force Base, Miss., where they met with air traffic controllers, Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Ga., and Lockheed Martin, where they would have the opportunity to learn more about C-130 aircraft and its maintenance programs.