78th LRS officer steps into new role, earns Bronze Star Medal

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  • By Holly Birchfield
  • 78 ABW/PA
Capt. Steven Wymore, an installation deployment officer in the 78th Logistics Readiness Squadron, went to Iraq to provide logistics support to the Iraqi Army's 2nd Brigade, 7th Division.

The logistics officer came home with a better understanding of how his service ties in with other coalition forces in the global war on terrorism and earned a Bronze Star Medal in the process.

Captain Wymore, who worked as a senior adviser to the Garrison Support Unit for the IA's 2nd Brigade, 7th Division during his year-long assignment, was presented with his Bronze Star Medal by Col. Theresa Carter, 78th Air Base Wing commander, during a 78th LRS commander's call in Bldg. 127 Oct. 23.

Colonel Carter said the captain is very deserving of the honor.

"It's always an honor to present a decoration to a deserving Airman, and even more so when that decoration is a Bronze Star recognizing significant accomplishments while serving in a deployed environment," she said.

Captain Wymore said his role in the recent deployment was a new one for him.

"You're over there meeting with some chiefs in a local community and getting a new unsecured site, a new permanent construction for the Iraqi Army," he said. "It was just a year of working hard."

The captain said the mission was an eye-opening experience.

"It was actually exciting," he said. "It was a great learning experience. Understanding what the Army and the Marines go through on the ground (and) definitely having a big picture of the joint perspective, I can appreciate more what they do and how we fit into that."

Captain Wymore was one of three servicemembers on a military transition team working with a 12-man Marine team that served as the main staff of advisers to the brigade.

About 15 team members worked with the coalition, while the Iraqi Army filled in the gaps. They worked at solving problems and helping the Iraqi Army take over their air space. The end result was less Marines and Soldiers on patrol and the Iraqi Army taking care of its own issues.

While in the area of responsibility, Captain Wymore worked diligently to keep the mission rolling.

"I advised the Iraqi Army in everything (to do) with logistics - from life support and food to vehicle maintenance and fuel to movement in convoys and all of those different areas that roll underneath logistics in the joint world," he said.

Captain Wymore said staying on top of the mission meant staying on this toes.

"You have to keep a level head the whole time you're over there," he said. "Things can spin out pretty quickly. There were some interesting situations. Definitely, the training in the Air Force and keeping a level head is what helped me out."

While the captain was modest about his achievements, others commended the IDO on his efforts.

Maj. Scott Hall, 78th LRS commander, said he's proud of Captain Wymore's exemplary service.

"By receiving this award, it is evident that Captain Wymore mastered the art of joint logistics while working side by side with our sister services, such as the Army and Marine Corps," he said. "He is the perfect example of why Air Force logistics readiness officers are in such high demand, both in the joint commands and deployments."

Maj. Curtis Lee, operations officer in the 78th LRS, spoke just as highly of the captain's achievement.

"Captain Wymore skillfully advised the Iraqi Army leadership with all aspects of logistics support," he said. "Our LROs are asked to step up and work in the joint community in what were previously traditional Army billets. His efforts were noticed and appreciated ... as demonstrated by this Bronze Star."

Colonel Carter said Captain Wymore's service in the deployed location mirrored his commitment to service at his home station.

"I knew Captain Wymore would do a great job because I watched him excel as our installation deployment manager," she said. "We're very proud of his contributions and know he represented the 78th Air Base Wing, Robins Air Force Base and all Airmen very well during his time in the AOR."

Captain Wymore said his homecoming was an award in itself. "It's just good to be home and alive," he said.