General addresses workforce at recent commander's calls

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  • By Amanda Creel
  • 78 ABW/PA
Maj. Gen. Tom Owen, Warner Robins Air Logistics Center commander, gathered base employees together for a commander's call Oct. 30 through Nov. 1.

His message during the 10 sessions of calls allowed him to draw an accurate picture of where the Center is today and where he hopes to lead it in the future.

General Owen highlighted some of the changes he believes will lead us into the future and will allow us to continue to be the dominant air and space force. He also addressed rumors that officials are trying to put the Warner Robins Air Logistics Center out of business.

"All of our leaders all the way up the chain are emphasizing we are not going to do that," General Owen said. "Are we changing? Are we transforming? Absolutely. That's what keeps our nation strong. That's what keeps our Air Force strong."

The general talked about the importance for all Airmen, whether they serve in uniform or in a civilian capacity, to be willing to accept new ideas and programs in an effort to improve the Air Force and allow it to function more effectively.

"I want us to continue to want to improve. If we stagnate and we stay the way we were in the 1980s or the 1990s, we in fact will find ourselves waking up one day and not be able to keep up with the competition," General Owen said.

Some of the additions to the Air Force the general discussed during his commander's call included the Expeditionary Combat Support System, a software system that will replace 400 plus legacy systems Air Force-wide, and Global Logistics Support Center, a single point of contact for supply chain management support.

He also highlighted other additions to the base that are presently in the works, such as the privatization of base housing, a new commissary, Depot Maintenance Support Hangar, Advanced Metal Finishing Facility, the Software Support Facility and the 51st Combat Communications Squadron Operations.

General Owen urged workers to continue to implement Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century, Lean and the Voluntary Protection Program concepts wherever they can in an effort to continue to improve the center.

He stressed the importance of each Team Robins member in the future of not only the air logistics center, but in the Air Force and the global war on terror.

"The global war on terror and our ability to support the humanitarian and disaster relief would come to a stand still if you weren't successful," General Owen said.

Members of Team Robins were pleased to hear the plan for the future.

Tracy Dowdy, 573rd Aircraft Sustainment Squadron, was thrilled to hear the general echo her own sentiments about what it means to be a civil servant as a part of Team Robins.

"I liked hearing him say this is not just a job," she said. "We are here to service the warfighter and we should come to work each day with that mindset."

Members of Team Robins were also impressed with General Owen's directness about the recent Logistics Standardization and Evaluation Team inspection.

William Edmonds, chief of mission support section of the 586th Combat Sustainment Squadron, said General Owen made it obvious he was going to take a more aggressive stance on future inspections.

"These are our key focus areas right now and that came across very clear," Mr. Edmonds said.

Though General Owen didn't dance around the installation's weaknesses, such as the nine "Not In-Compliance" ratings received and the 150 major and 202 minor violations revealed during the LSET, he took the opportunity to highlight the 32 programs identified as strengths by the LSET team.

"We need to work on it. We are going to work on it together to identify the corrective action to get us back on path," General Owen said

He said Robins will do better when the inspection team returns in February.

"Know your job and show them how good we really are," General Owen said.

He also discussed the rise in driving under the influence violations this year and how it is an unsafe trend the base community must work together to solve.

"It's not just about avoiding a black mark on your record. It's not just about losing your driving privileges for a number of months. It's about not wanting to be one of these crumpled vehicles here and the bodily harm, death and destruction that happens. You shouldn't put yourself at risk, your passengers at risk, pedestrians, bike riders and other vehicle riders," General Owen said.