Team Robins is ready for inspection

  • Published
  • By Maj. Gen. Tom Owen
By the time you read this, many of the Headquarters AFMC Operational Readiness Inspection team inspectors will have arrived at Robins, with the remainder coming in this weekend. They're already getting a taste for the dedication and professionalism our 20,000-plus American patriots show everyday.

It goes without saying that for many months, we've honed our skills of wartime readiness, deployment processes, and emergency management procedures. Through hundreds of exercises and countless hours of hard work, we've placed ourselves under the microscope to find our faults and come together to fix them.

Now, we're just a few hours away from the Operational Readiness Inspection -- practice is over and it's game time. As any great coach or player will tell you, preparation is the key to giving your best. We have lots of folks who have spent countless hours preparing us and getting themselves prepared for "battle."

Take the 78th Medical Group for example. The Medics have done a phenomenal job of helping several hundred Airmen by ensuring their medical records were updated, gas masks were in working order and immunizations, physical exams and lab and dental work are all taken care of.

And let's not forget the 78th Mission Support Squadron, whose predeployment fairs and personnel accountability ensured "faces and spaces" went to the right "places" to support the combatant commanders in need, when they needed us.

Our 78th Air Base Wing Airmen aren't the only players in the mission ready stance. The 542nd Combat Sustainment Wing, the 402nd Maintenance Wing and the 330th Aircraft Sustainment Wing have all worked long hours behind the scenes, keeping wartime readiness and materiel support at the highest levels seen in years.

These units have run their surge processes and fine tuned their ability, not just for this inspection, but for many years, to meet the urgent needs of commanders and warfighters around the world -- and, they're doing a tremendous job. My hat's off to them!

We have the right preparation, the best team and all players pulling in the right direction. There's only one thing missing -- YOU! While everything else is going on around the flightline, on the processing line, in the many wartime materiel support actions and in all the exciting activities at Warrior Air Base, we need you to do your part.

It's important for everyone - active-duty military, retired military, civilian, contractor, and military family members - to be patient with the base and understand there may be some delays or reduced services available due to Force Protection Condition responses with Security Forces and emergency responders, among others. We need to show this ORI team ALL of Team Robins is "in the fight."

So whether we're tested on records management or an emergency response, or our ability to go to war and win, we need everyone pulling hard; jump in and show a sense of urgency as you respond to the various challenges thrown our way during the inspection.

The last thing I ask of you, and the most important thing, is to show the ORI team the pride and dedication the men and women at Robins have had for 60-plus years. Our great legacy, from World War II's Rosie the Riveter, to today's sustainment of our most modern weapon systems, support equipment, avionics, electronic warfare systems, etc., is what Team Robins has always been about. Be proud and remember each and every one of you play a key role on the world class team you are part of today in 2008.

I'm so very proud to serve with you. As the 78th Air Base Wing says, "Raise Your Game!"