Energy savings success: reduction is name of game

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  • By Energy Office
  • 78th Air Base Wing
Our overall energy goal is achieving energy independence and security for Robins. This is a big challenge but by working together, keeping focused and applying our talents and corporate knowledge we can do it. America deserves nothing less from us.

Achieving energy independence and security rests on a simple concept - reducing energy in everything we do. Simple yet difficult to execute and sustain. We will need to transform our infrastructure, change many of our business practices and integrate energy thinking into our attitudes and behavior -- all while accomplishing our mission safely.

The foundation for our success is in place. We are focused on supporting the warfighter. We have been using continuous improvement thinking and tools over the last 10 years with Lean and AFSO21. Our energy game plan is to build on this foundation. Using awareness and conservation our efforts to use energy more smartly got off to a good start in 2008. Electric bills show that people are responding.

What can you expect during 2009? Together, we will build on these efforts and "Raise Our Game." We will move towards energy independence and security on several fronts simultaneously: awareness, conservation, efficiency improvement projects and renewables.

In the next week we will get a report from the State of Georgia detailing the best renewable energy options for Robins. The information in this report will be used by senior leadership to chart the way ahead to meet our goal of obtaining 25 percent of Robins' energy from renewables by 2025.

Energy improvement projects are another important part. Studies are being currently conducted on chilled water and Bldg. 89 to identify energy improvement opportunities.

Additional detailed energy studies are in the works. By their nature, projects take time to plan, build and get into operation.

You'll hear about and participate in developing no cost and low cost process and procedure improvements focused on conserving energy in the near term. For example, by applying AFSO21 thinking and tools, the 402nd MXW is working on production process and building efficiency improvements. Similar efforts will occur throughout the base.

Awareness is the foundational capability for our entire effort. Energy awareness is about us and changes in our energy behavior. We'll enhance our energy awareness through: education and training, awards and incentives, continuous and relevant communication, and partnership with community groups. You'll see and hear of actions in each of these areas during 2009. -- Commander Kill A Watt

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