AFPC spreads word at Robins

  • Published
  • By Sue Sapp
  • 78 ABW/PA
Several hundred people from Robins attended one of two "Spread the Word" briefings at the base theater Jan 26. 

Col. Leslie Formolo, Air Force Personnel Center chief of airman assignments, Randolph AFB, Texas, told the audience that unlike the "Wizard of Oz" with some man behind a curtain making decisions for them, there were 2,600 specialists to help assign them. 

She and her team, comprised of Maj. Paul Fidler, Maj. Greg Nita, Jim Hale and Capt. Ron Bell, provided information on personnel issues and delivery transformation, as well as allowing Air Force members direct, face-to-face contact with AFPC personnel to address concerns and provide feedback. 

Specific topics covered included, among others, 365-day deployment options, the Global AEF tempo-banding system, civilian hiring procedures, and assignment processes.