Maintenance worker graduates from OTS

  • Published
  • By SSgt Vann Miller
  • 78th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
Setting down his tool box for the last time was an anxious moment for one young maintainer as he stepped into a new chapter in his life.

Second Lt. Charles Glover of the 562nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron recently graduated from Officer Training School, making the transition from a regular civilian employee to a newly commissioned maintenance officer.

It was here where the officer gained the support he needed to get a new career started. If it were not for the endorsement of Brig. Gen. Mark Atkinson, 402nd Maintenance Wing commander, Lieutenant Glover's dream of becoming an officer in the Air Force may never have become a reality.

"I am very selective when I sign an endorsement for officer training," the general said. "I interview members, and I've found the thing that fails many of them is their grades are not what they should be, or they have not put together the total character (of what the Air Force looks for)."

After interviewing Lieutenant Glover, the general said he knew within minutes the young maintainer would make for a good candidate.

"He has the work ethic and character the Air Force is looking for," General Atkinson said.

The general said he was impressed with how the lieutenant worked overtime to earn the money to go to school and helped to support his mother and two younger sisters, while still maintaining a 3.1 grade point average.

Lieutenant Glover began his Air Force career during high school. With a natural attraction to airplanes, he enrolled in to the Youth Apprenticeship Program. The program introduces young adults to the dynamics of working on the flight line all the while teaching them skills they may find useful in a career in avionics.

"Back then, I didn't have much understanding of what the Air Force was like," said the now second lieutenant. "I didn't know much about the military, other than a cousin who went to the (Air Force) academy."

The young maintenance apprentice later went on to finish high school. He then landed a contract job on the flightline where he worked hard to attain an airframe and power plant license.

He then became a member in the 562nd AMXS and continued to display great work ethics. With the support of his supervisors, he worked long hours and took night college courses. He is now assigned to Luke Air Force Base, Ariz., to serve as a maintenance officer in the 56th Maintenance Group.

After graduating from OTS, Lieutenant Glover returned to Robins to give a heartfelt farewell to the members of his old work center.

He told them the road was challenging, but he knew once he got started he would let nothing stop him from reaching his goal. He also expressed gratitude to General Atkinson for his support.

"You could not paint a better picture of a more perfect partnership," said General Atkinson. "This is the epitome of the American dream. What a great example."

The general went on to say he hopes others will look to Lieutenant Glover as an example or as inspiration to motivate them to pursue their dreams.