Commander's Call Video available for viewing

  • Published
Personnel at Robins can see the annual WR-ALC Commander's Call this year via video.

The Commander's Call Video is now available for viewing in a number of places, including the Robins public Web site,, and various video display monitors around base. Also, Robins personnel may access the video through a sharepoint site at https://cs.eis.afmc. Call/CommandersCall.aspx or the link at

At the same time, senior leaders are encouraged to use the video for commander's calls, meetings or briefings.

In a memorandum addressed to Middle Georgia and Robins senior leaders, Maj. Gen. Polly Peyer, Warner Robins Air Logistics Center commander, announced the availability of the video today.

"I couldn't be prouder of our achievements," Peyer wrote. "Our talented workforce made it happen while our devoted community partners joined to make it possible."

The video highlights achievements of the past year while discussing the way ahead for the balance of 2010.