Social media access set to begin

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Air Force officials announced Monday that Air Force Materiel Command is one of six Air Force commands to receive access to social media sites beginning Saturday, with AFMC bases implementing the change at different times in the coming weeks.

This initiative comes as part of the service's two-week phased opening of access to social media sites Air Force-wide, which began Monday. Facebook, Twitter, Google and You-Tube apps are among the sites that will be accessible on government computers.

Providing access to social media sites from Air Force government computers meets the intent of Department of Defense memorandum governing the responsible and effective use of Internet-based capabilities, issued Feb. 25.

Command officials said while using social media sites allows for broader communication with varying audiences, Air Force personnel should keep safety and security of the network foremost in their minds.

Various Air Force and DoD regulations provide guidance for Airmen using social media on government networks. Personal use of social media sites must be of reasonable duration and frequency as approved by supervisors and must not adversely affect performance of official duties, overburden systems or reflect adversely on the Air Force.

Air Force personnel cannot post any classified or sensitive information and must follow the guidelines for appropriate social media and Internet use.

Caution should also be taken to ensure users' posts over time do not reveal classified or sensitive information over time. The inappropriate posting of information on the AF network and any OPSEC violations are punishable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.