Base to replace switchboard operators with automated system

  • Published
  • By 78th Communications Directorate
An automated system will soon do much of the work currently performed by switchboard operators here.

Called the Interactive Voice Response System, it will provide callers the telephone numbers of base employees and organizations - to include frequently called numbers - and, if requested, transfer callers to requested numbers.

The IVR system, which is capable of answering 18 callers simultaneously, will also reduce the time it takes for callers to receive assistance.

A reduced number of operators will assist with those calls the IVR system cannot support. The IVR system is scheduled to launch in mid-November, according to the 78th Air Base Wing's Communications Directorate. 

More information about the system will soon be posted on the Communications Directorate's internal webpage, accessible by employees through the blue star icon on their desktops. Employees will also receive more information about the system via e-mail and through the Splash Page closer to the implementation date.

For additional information on the IVR system, call 926-7654.