MTA buses set for Macon-to-Robins commute

  • Published
  • By Wayne Crenshaw
  • 78th ABW/PA
On Nov. 29, the Macon Transit Authority will start running commuter buses to Robins on weekdays to help alleviate traffic and parking congestion here.

The bus service has been dubbed "Buses into Robins Daily" or "BIRD," and the project has the potential to have a significant impact on reducing the base's traffic and parking woes, said John Pugh, 78th Mission Support Group deputy director.

"It's simple math," he said. "More riders mean less traffic coming through the gates, reduced congestion, and freed up parking space."

The buses qualify for the Transportation Incentive Program, and military members or civilian employees who enroll in advance will incur no out-of-pocket costs.

Those interested can sign up for a ride voucher by calling the TIP manager at 926-7199. Those unable to sign up in advance will have to pay $6 round trip and will then be reimbursed later.

The MTA will operate three 30-passenger buses from the Macon Centreplex parking lot to the base, and make stops along the flightline and in front of Bldgs. 300 and 301. The buses will pick up passengers beginning at 4:45 a.m. 

A test run timed the trip at about 50 minutes one way, including all stops on base, said Pugh, who added buses will not make return trips for emergencies.

Plans for routes from additional areas around Middle Georgia have already being worked and could be implemented if the Macon to Robins line is successful, he said.