New desktop energy icon nearing launch

  • Published
  • By Energy Office
As part of the base's energy conservation and awareness efforts, energy consumption data is being made available to everyone on the Robins 2k network.

Awareness is shown to reduce consumption and the data comes from the base's automated metering system.

As part of the initiative, an "energy icon" tool was developed so people can quickly access electrical consumption in the buildings they occupy. The icon was reviewed by a cross section of users, and the response was very positive.

In the near future, a "Commander Kill-A-Watt" energy icon will appear on all Robins 2k network desktops.

The icon will take the user to a web page where he or she can view electrical consumption of listed buildings for a time period. Instructions are included on the web page.

Initially, seekers will find only electrical consumption data, but data on natural gas and water will be added as natural gas and water meters are installed.

For more information on the initiative, contact the energy office via e-mail at or at 497-8663.