Base computer network to get internal audit

  • Published
  • By Wayne Crenshaw
  • 78 ABW/PA
While the space shuttle Discovery may have made its final flight recently, Robins is launching its own Discovery mission.

Discovery III is a 78th Air Base Wing Communications Directorate initiative to examine the information technology infrastructure and applications on base and recommend efficiency improvements. It will impact the entire Robins 2K network. The end result is expected to be better management of technology applications, energy savings, and freed-up floor space through the consolidation of data centers.

Applications automate certain business processes, such as the tracking of parts. Most business applications across the base are managed by the communications directorate, but some are not. Data centers are facilities which host application and file servers, and provide redundant power, communications, and environmental controls to maintain business continuity.

Discovery III will examine whether customers will be better served with the communications directorate managing those applications and servers, and hosting them in a consolidated data center environment, said Danielle Little, manager in the directorate's Plans and Resources Division.

"The intent of Discovery III is to team with customers to ensure efficient and secure management of applications, servers and associated resources," Little said.

The Department of Defense is placing an increasing emphasis on cyber security and data-center consolidation throughout all branches.

The goals of the 2010 Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative are to reduce space and energy costs, and increase cyber security.

"The communications directorate has the expertise to help customers achieve those goals," Little said. The Discovery initiative is nothing new. It is done periodically to gain efficiencies. The first Discovery initiative in 2005 led to the consolidated help desk, which has been hailed as an Air Force best practice in desktop standardization.

The Discovery team began laying the groundwork for the effort in November, and in January began establishing points of contact within each organization.

The deadline for completion is August.

Those with questions about Discovery III can call Little at 468-4399.