CMXG gets independent process analysis

  • Published
  • By Faye Banks-Anderson
  • 78 ABW/PA
Bringing in "outsiders" to look at your hazardous processes could be risky, but one base organization is willing to take the risk to make sure it's doing the right things and, if not, make needed changes.

The 402nd Commodities Maintenance Group is asking MACTEC Engineering and Consulting to provide an assessment regarding its handling of hazardous materials and provide industry best practices to the group.

"We're bringing in another set of eyes to look at us to make sure we're not overlooking anything," said Josh Campbell, CMXG Environmental Safety and Occupational Health engineer. "This team of experts includes engineers and certified industrial hygienists with decades of experience working directly for OSHA and businesses to resolve ESOH compliance issues."

The team will focus its efforts on Bldg. 169, analyzing processes which have the potential to generate hazardous particles and how those particles may migrate. They will examine the group's training programs, safety records, change rooms, and newly-implemented standard processes, and recommend improvement plans to eliminate any shortcomings.

"We've worked for months to bring in additional expertise to help build employee trust and confidence in the hazard source identification process, and also to help our engineering support teams identify and design improved controls while standardizing those processes across the group," Campbell said.

"We want to make Bldg. 169 the poster facility for how protecting the workforce while accomplishing potentially-hazardous processes should be accomplished," said Scott Edge, the group's chief engineer. "This is just one more step we are taking to stress that the safety of our workforce is of primary importance."