Robins transportation initiatives gaining steam

  • Published
  • By Wayne Crenshaw
  • 78 ABW/PA
Considering the rising price of gas, it's probably not a big surprise more people at Robins are sharing rides to work.

For months, the number of commuters registered in the Clean Air Campaign, which offers prize drawings for carpoolers and vanpoolers, has been steadily increasing.

Nearly 600 Robins commuters were registered in CAC in June. In April, nearly 750 commuters were registered.

The CAC provides an opportunity for carpoolers, vanpoolers, bus riders and bicyclists to sign-up for potential rewards aimed at reducing the numbers of vehicles on the road. Commuters can sign up for the program by going to

CAC registrants can log the miles they save and earn $25 dollar gift cards through regular drawings. The site also keeps stats for users on how much money they have saved, along with how much pollution they have prevented.

For more information on the Clean Air Campaign, contact Heidi Schwingle at 497-8287. Vanpoolers - those who ride with six or more people - can also sign up for the Transportation Incentive Program.

The program offers significant financial benefits. Also, registrants can now get vouchers so they get money in advance rather than waiting for reimbursement.

Riders of the Macon Transit Authority's shuttle to the base, Buses into Robins Daily, pay $6 round