Teamwork leads to successful LCAP, ESOHCAMP inspection results

  • Published
  • By Jenny Gordon
  • 78th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
It was an "Excellent" showing.

The results from the Warner Robins Air Logistics Center's Logistics Compliance Assessment Program and Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health Compliance Assessment and Management Program inspections Dec. 5 through 9 spoke volumes.

The center received an overall Excellent rating; the 402nd Maintenance Wing, Excellent; 78th Air Base Wing, Excellent; and 638th Supply Chain Management Group, Excellent.

"Wow," said Timothy Gray, Headquarters Air Force Materiel Command Inspector General LCAP team chief, to a packed audience. "That was phenomenal. You all should be proud of how far you have come in the last few years with your compliance, your programs and your integration. I am totally blown away."

Gray noted this was his 13th visit to Robins, emphasizing, "I've been doing this for a long time - and this is the best I have ever seen the organization."
More than 300 special inspections were performed throughout the 402nd MXW, 78th ABW 638th SCMG - part of the 448th Supply Chain Management Wing. Observations also included 'over-the-shoulder' evaluations, and quality verification inspections.

Throughout the one-hour inspection outbrief conducted Monday at the Heritage Club, the atmosphere was energetic and lively, as cheers erupted in congratulations over the successes of logistics, supply chain and maintenance professionals from across the installation.

This was the first time that LCAP coincided with safety and environmental inspections at Robins. The inspection types were integrated for the first time to reduce mission impact on organizations, reduce cost, and provide additional feedback across installations.

Col. Evan Miller, 402nd MXW commander, indicated that during his time with AFMC he has never seen an inspection go this well. The wing experienced hundreds of 550 graded events and shop visits.

"We have a great partnership across the base, which was evident in their commitment to us doing well," said Miller. "Everyone here at Robins, including our union partners, is committed. Success breeds success - going from 46 percent on-time delivery of our aircraft last year to 100 percent this year.

"This inspection validates that we are on the right path," he added. "The teamwork that is occurring here is some of the best I've ever seen, and it's really setting conditions for us to continue to improve. It can only be done with great teamwork, great leadership and professionalism and expertise of all the people who go to work every day and get the work done."

Col. Mitchel Butikofer, 78th ABW commander, reiterated that much of this year's inspection team visited Robins in 2009 and 2010.

"The feedback that we received from many of the inspectors was they were not expecting what they saw," said Butikofer. "The pride that has gone into this is just phenomenal. These inspection results just help solidify that feeling.

"We are keeping our promise to deliver quality products on time," he added, echoing Col. Miller. "We had independent inspections here to show that. The community can take pride that we're serious about making sure the installation stays viable for the Air Force and our nation."

The 638th SCMG had more than 300 individual inspections from a team of 13 from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Hill and Tinker.

Bonnie Jones, 638th SCMG group director, added that people are our greatest resource.

"It's the people who are out there in our organizations working together," said Jones. "It's through their dedication to what we do every day that we achieved this.

She pointed out that through discussions with IG inspectors, since the team visited in 2009, the group had made significant improvements in managing sustainment programs, manifested by the low number of identified deficiencies.

Maj. Gen. Robert McMahon re-emphasized the Center's successes of horizontal integration and everyone working together from maintainers to union partners.

"Thirty-three years, five months, 12 days," said McMahon at the conclusion of Monday's outbrief. "I have never, never been through an IG outbrief like that. Today is not just about the Air Logistics Center, it is about Team Robins. The grades that you saw today are about all of us working together to make things happen that make this a world-class place supporting our Department of Defense."

He added, "It is one base, one team, one grade. In over 33 years serving our nation, I have never been more proud of an entire team who have gathered together, who have worked through some of the toughest conditions, and have demonstrated to this command, to our Air Force, to our DoD, just how good we really are. I would be happy to go to war with you at any time."

On ESOHCAMP inspections, no grades are given. Inspectors noted the Center's positive, can-do attitude among workers, who demonstrated knowledge and proper use of personal protective equipment for tasks observed.

Less than 20 findings were observed in one week, with zero significant findings reported. Michael Trimeloni, part of AFMC's inspection team, said the results of Robins' environmental management system is in conformance with ISO 140001. He also noted its strong management support with participation across the base with all mission partners.