Use of USB devices can lead to administrative action

  • Published
  • By Jenny Gordon
  • 78th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
For those not already aware, plugging in any removable storage device into a government computer - unless authorized - is strictly prohibited.

Employees who are caught plugging in a USB device may receive a proposed reprimand for a first-time offense, according to LaWanna Peachey, chief of employee relations Branch B, in the Directorate of Personnel.

If an employee receives an official written notice of proposed reprimand, he or she has a 20-day reply period for the opportunity to speak with management.

Following the reply period, it's up to management whether or not to proceed to reprimand an employee.

A second offense would result in a higher penalty of discipline, according to Peachey. Prohibited devices include any type of memory stick, thumb drive, camera flash memory card, iPod, PDA, cell phone or blackberry.

There are other removable media which can be used on Department of Defense information systems, but they must be government-issued and properly scanned.

Those media include floppy disks, CD R/Ws, DVD R/Ws, zip drives, tape drives and portable hard drives. Those with questions should contact their organization's information assurance officer.