Gardens available to housing residents

  • Published
  • By Jenny Gordon
  • 78th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
It's planting season at Robins and the creation of a community garden will provide the perfect opportunity for housing residents with green thumbs to play outside.

A plot of land currently under construction sits just behind the Housing Referral Office on Warner Robins Street.

The garden's total area will be 1,600 square feet, and will include an initial design of four raised beds at 50 square feet each, and also two larger beds with a planting area of 100 square feet, according to Nikki Summers, Robins Family Housing community director.

Additional beds will be planted depending on the level of participation.

The garden will have a walkway so growers can walk the length of the entire area. Among its benefits will be the addition of a water spigot to ensure plants stay properly watered, and the placement of a three-ounce woven polypropylene fabric to assist with weed and grass control.

There will be a work area to house pulled vegetables or hand tools, and a 10-by-10-foot area toward a back corner to house any yard clippings and compost to refill beds each season.

Irrigation is currently being completed, and additional beds and fencing will be installed. If you are ready to start your garden now, existing beds may be used until others are created.

To learn more, call Robins Family Housing at 225-9374