Summer safety campaign set to kick off

  • Published
  • By Jenny Gordon
  • 78th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
Friday marks the beginning of the 101 Critical Days of Summer safety campaign, which runs through Sept. 3. This year's theme is "Safety - It's Personal."

"This year's theme is a reminder that safety is everyone's responsibility and the decisions we make impact our friends, families and Air Force community," Maj. Gen. Gregory Feest, Air Force Chief of Safety, is quoted as saying in a release. "Summer is a wonderful season to enjoy the great outdoors ... I urge you to incorporate thoughtful planning in all your activities and get sufficient rest before strenuous events as well as extended road trips.

"Give some consideration to your personal limits and capabilities and exercise sound judgment. We want every Airman to come home safely at the end of the day," he said.

The summer campaign calls attention to the tragic loss or injury to Airmen during this time. The goal is to ensure that all have zero preventable mishaps and no injuries this season.

Since fiscal 2002, the Air Force has had 218 fatalities during the campaign, which included 201 off-duty, 17 on-duty.

In 2011 at Robins there were 29 off-duty injuries, which included seven domestic mishaps (around the house); 19 sports and recreation-related injuries; and three vehicle accidents.

The summer months are a busy and exciting time for everyone. Thinking safety should be on everyone's minds.

Dave Decker, 78th Air Base Wing Ground Safety chief, emphasized that safety precautions should be maintained, even during times when we don't think they are needed. This can include when we are doing yard work with equipment, such as weed-eating or mowing the grass. Safety glasses and hearing protection should be worn to prevent injuries.

"There are many things we do that are preventable," said Decker.

This includes practicing the buddy system when swimming or boating, for example, and paying attention to our surroundings. Motor-cycles are a popular means of transportation around base, and car drivers should also be aware of their movements as they are driving.

The Air Force Safety Center has provided helpful information, including being aware of the hazards of drinking and driving, speeding, distracted and aggressive driving, the risks of all-terrain vehicles, trip planning, riding smart with bicycles and motorcycles, lawnmower safety, barbecue safety tips and summer weather.

These campaign modules will be presented in 10 installments and are available by visiting Look under featured links and ground statistics.