New AFRC building to house several directorates

  • Published
  • By Jenny Gordon
  • Robins Public Affairs
A new building off Robins Parkway will welcome about 400 occupants beginning today.

Construction on the two-story structure began in January and ended in May. The facility will temporarily house several directorates. Relocating to the new administrative building are A1 Manpower and Personnel, A4 Logistics, A7 Installations and Mission Support, and the Readiness Management Group.

The new building, which features wide walkway areas, cubicle stations, new furnishings and conference rooms, is part of a long-range plan to consolidate seven off-base and on-base facilities into one headquarters complex.

The AFRC complex will include a Deployment Readiness and Training Center currently under construction across the street, and an additional 343,000-square-foot headquarters building.

Col. Nick Desport, AFRC civil engineer and A7 deputy director, emphasized that the modular blocks, or individual buildings, were prebuilt in off-site factories before arriving at Robins.

This prebuild allowed construction to progress at a steady pace as the site was cleared and foundation was laid.

"Who would envision that we would take all those building blocks and put them together?" he asked. "I have never seen construction as efficient and organized, and done so fast in the 30 years of my career."

About 100 dignitaries and staff members from Headquarters Air Force Reserve Command toured the 93,000-square-foot modular facility May 30 following a ribbon-cutting ceremony.