Horizons reopens doors with new name

  • Published
Horizons reopened its doors Wednesday with a different name and a different focus. It is now the Horizons Event Center, open for meetings only.

Over the next several weeks, it will gradually expand from hosting meetings to a venue capable of supporting conferences and events fully-catered by outside sources, such as the golf course, base restaurant or Pizza Depot, and eventually off-base vendors.

Horizons, formerly known as the Officer's Club, has been closed for the past six weeks for maintenance and sustainment issues. Following an assessment of the facilities, it was determined it would be too costly and impractical to fully restore the kitchen to its previous functionality.

"Doing so would result in an unfavorable return on investment, as well as an unnecessary risk to the installation's overall morale, welfare and recreation fund," said Col. Mitchel Butikofer, installation commander.

As a result, the facility will no longer be offering buffet-style lunches or evening dinner.

"While a difficult decision, I believe it to be the best one for our Airmen and their families," Butikofer said.

Facilities currently operating in Horizons, like the Barber Shop, will remain open and will continue to serve customers. To schedule a haircut, call 918-4775. To reserve a room in Horizons Event Center for a meeting, contact Pamila Swartzlander at 926-2105.