Robins once again recognized by EPA

  • Published
  • By Jenny Gordon
  • Robins Public Affairs
Robins Air Force Base has once again been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency's Design for the Environment Program for its use of PreKote on aircraft that come here for programmed depot maintenance.

A presentation ceremony took place July 26 at the Mercer Engineering Resource Center in Warner Robins.

The C-17 program converted from Alodine, a chromate conversion coating with hexavalent chromium, to a PreKote surface pretreatment. PreKote, developed by Pantheon, is a water-based, mild alkaline solution that promotes paint adhesion. It is nontoxic, biodegradable, and eliminates hexavalent chromium in the waste stream.

"EPA applauds Robins for taking steps to use 'green' alternatives to safeguard human health and protect the environment," said Carol Kemker, Deputy Director, Air, Pesticides and Toxics Management Division. "Under the DfE program, the base has done a wonderful job of continuing to push for changes that result in the responsible care of the environment."

With PreKote, once it is applied to a plane's entire exterior, it undergoes a two-stage application process. There's none of the standard washing, etching, and chromate conversion coating. After a light rinse, PreKote is sprayed then scrubbed on the plane's surface, followed by a second application. The switch to PreKote benefits taxpayers as it cuts costly process time as it is applied to each C-17 aircraft.

Robins was also recognized in 2009 by the EPA' s DfE program for converting the C-5 and C-130 fleets to PreKote.