Helping agencies to get boost through integration, marketing

  • Published
  • By Kendahl Johnson
  • Robins Public Affairs
Robins is implementing a plan to promote community resiliency and interagency coordination that will address issues which arose during the Caring for People Forum in the spring, as well as the 2011 Air Force Community Assessment Survey.

The plan will serve as an action guide for the Robins Community Action Information Board by establishing goals in areas that forum and study participants feel are in need of attention, including those specific to Robins. Target areas include mental health, wellness, safety, suicide prevention, education and training, and career development, to name a few.

"With an ongoing reduction in resources, there is a need for base agencies to continue to become truly integrated and ensure community members are aware of existing resources and able to get the help they may need," said Stuart Bapties, CAIB co executive director.

Bapties said helping agencies are already doing a fantastic job providing resources to help base members, but efforts in marketing these resources need to be improved.

The plan calls for a reinvigoration of such programs as the Integrated Delivery System, a combination of various helping agencies which delivers responsive community care through coordinated events, programs and services.

Bapties said a renewed sense of purpose in entities like the IDS can be achieved by agencies working together in a collaborative manner to ensure families are more aware of available care and support. "We want to assist families and individuals in making positive choices, even in the face of adversity," he said.

In addition to an improvement in marketing, other goals outlined in the plan include increasing communication effectiveness, community cohesiveness and family support, placing a stronger emphasis on unit resiliency, strengthening community resilience through improved health, and broadening opportunities for youth and teen fitness and activities.

To review the Community Action Plan in its entirety, visit AFD-120725-066.pdf.