Advances in C-5 Engine shop create user-friendly workspace

  • Published
  • By Jenny Gordon
  • Robins Public Affairs
Advances inside the C-5 Engine Shop have resulted in not only higher morale, but also quality of life and efficiency improvements.

As C-5 engines are brought into the shop for Isochronal inspections, maintainers must move over, under and around each engine. In the past year, new engine stands were introduced, which allow various access points on different levels so mechanics can move more freely around the entire engine.

As a result of this, safety hazards have decreased. Once this process progressed, mechanics also saw a need for an idea to reduce hazards from tripping on cords which lay across the shop floor. Now there are overhead trusses which have been installed which provide air and electric capabilities through drop-down cords. Upcoming plans are also in the works to add a hydraulic power supply line to the overhead system.

"Everything we've done inside this shop has made it more user friendly," said Scott Ball, 559th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron production supervisor.

"Much of what has driven this is the result of the Voluntary Protection Program," added Roy Rudd, 559th AMXS team lead.

Other improvements included mounted LED lights installed under each engine stand so mechanics can use both hands while working (they're also magnetized). The shop floor was stripped and painted bright white to add better light reflection, and a large consolidated shop tool kit was added to speed up the work process, eliminate lines and increase efficiency.

The shop has moved to eliminate paper copies of technical orders through the use of 10 Toughbooks, or laptops with hard, protective shells, so they can be used by mechanics as they work.

The shop is the first in the 402nd AMXG to prototype the new Electronic Work Control Documents. By having information automated, the new system will save time and benefit the workforce with future inspections by reducing opportunities for mistakes.

"All of these improvements make a better quality of life for the mechanic and maximize our efficiencies," said Kevin Hamilton, C-5 Production Support Flight chief.