Robins Pride celebrated all year long

  • Published
  • By Jenny Gordon
  • Robins Public Affairs
Pitching in to clean up our base is no longer something done only during Earth Day events in April. Now you can help to keep Robins a clean and green community all year long through Robins Pride.

In what began as one organization adopting the clean up needs in one area, has now blossomed into a volunteer program which includes organizations overseeing the clean up needs of 12 of 16 areas across the installation.

"The whole idea is to have base organizations get more involved in helping to take care of our community," said Bob Sargent, Robins' natural resources manager and wildlife biologist. "This not only instills a greater sense of community spirit, it also saves maintenance dollars."

Members of the 78th Medical Group approached Sargent last winter to ask if they could assist with the maintenance of the Historic Forest on the parade field, that lead to the creation of a green map depicting other areas which could be maintained by volunteers.

So far, the program includes mainly military members who take up a rake, gloves and tools to clear debris along base roadways, perform minor repairs along trails, and pick up fallen limbs or prune bushes. Civilians can also get involved.

Volunteers might empty trash cans and often clean up frequent gathering spots such as Gator, Friendship and Robins parks, and Duck, Scout and Luna lakes.

Other volunteers include the base Teen Council which has adopted the Camellia Gardens, and Boy Scout Troop 220 which has adopted the Treefrog Trail behind Luna Lodge, repairing signage and pruning bushes.

The remaining four un-adopted sections run alongside Ga. 247 and Hannah Road. Organizations wishing to adopt an area should contact Bob Sargent at 497-3974 or email bob.sargent@robins.

To view the green map, visit the 78th Civil Engineer Group web site at, and click on Robins Pride.