Demolition projects help put '20/20 by 2020' in sight

  • Published
  • By Kendahl Johnson
  • Robins Public Affairs
Robins continues to show its commitment to the Air Force's "20/20 by 2020" initiative as 10 base facilities and four houses are scheduled for demolition. That's in addition to six facilities which have already been reduced to rubble.

The 20/20 initiative aims to offset 20 percent reduction in funds available for installation support by achieving efficiencies reducing the owned, leased and Air Force-led joint base real property and associated operating costs by 20 percent by the year 2020.

"Demolishing these buildings not only reduces the energy we are using at Robins, but also creates opportunities for right-size facility planning, operational consolidation, and allows us to recommend possible solutions for future growth and footprint reduction," said Otis Hicks, 78th Civil Engineer Group director.

Contracts have already been awarded for the 10 projects and four houses, which will begin this year and continue into 2013. The facilities scheduled for demolition include:

-- Bldg. 11; 52-year-old untenable facility in the fire training area. The future plan for the property is to build a concrete pad to perform outdoor auto extrication and vehicle staging.

-- Bldg. 292; at only 872 square feet, this is the smallest project of the bunch.

-- Bldg. 647; constructed in 1954, this building has structural issues and roof leaks that would be too costly to repair.

-- Bldg. 658; this warehouse is not only structurally unsound, but it is also the site of a future military construction project, a radome facility.

-- Bldgs. 828/829; built in 1944, the old Airman's swimming pool, which is no longer in use, and its accompanying small water treatment pump house are being demolished to make room for an addition to the fitness center.

-- Bldg. 660; the front entrance and awning of the old commissary; the most expensive project on the list at more than $200,000, is rotten and falling apart. Conversion of the facility allows growth for the C-17 program office.

-- Bldg. 10241; a temporary facility that is no longer needed.

-- Four of the five houses located on Chief's Circle off Martin Luther King Drive are scheduled for demolition. One of the houses will be kept in place for base use to retain our heritage at this historic location.

Other projects include the demolition of an old concrete slab, and the removal of railroad tracks that were originally installed in the 1940s. In total, the destruction will result in the reduction of about 45,000 square feet.

Facilities that have already been demolished are buildings 1515, 659, 657, 288, 87 and 88, for a reduction of more than 47,000 square feet.