WR-ALC continues to reduce flow days, improve performance

  • Published
  • By Jenny Gordon
  • Robins Public Affairs
Over the last two fiscal years, the Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex has experienced vast improvement in not only its aircraft due date performance, but also the number of days aircraft stay here for maintenance repair and overhaul.

"There is really only one thing that outweighs the pride and patriotism of Middle Georgians and that is their work ethic," said Col. Christopher Hill, the complex's deputy commander for maintenance. "I believe this is our competitive advantage moving forward as we strive to become to be world class." Since fiscal 2011, flow days for various aircraft have decreased significantly.

For example: C-5 flow days averaged 355 in fiscal 2011 and 291 in fiscal 2012. To date in fiscal 2013 they are averaging 272. The goal for fiscal 2013 is to reach 240 flow days.

F-15 flow days averaged 178 in fiscal 2011and 154 in fiscal 2012. To date in fiscal 2013 they are averaging 152. The goal this year is to reach 115 days.

Average flow days for C-130s in fiscal 2011 were 295 days, in fiscal 2012 was 208 days, and fiscal 2013 to date is 198 days.

At the beginning of fiscal 2011, the on-time delivery rate for the complex stood at 47 percent. Fast forward a year later, and fiscal 2012 ended with the complex reaching its goal of 95 percent. A total of 205 aircraft were delivered to customers in fiscal 2012.

While almost two months have passed in fiscal 2013, 26 aircraft have been delivered to date. A total of 196 scheduled aircraft are projected this year.

Hill reiterated that Team Robins will continue to emphasize reducing flow days and increasing throughput (speed), but also continue to improve safety and quality.

"When it comes to workload, we have to earn it," continued Hill. "And we're going to earn it by making tomorrow better than today. It's as Brig. Gen. Cedric George says - we want to continue to be aggressive and deliver on our promises."

"We really want to be the customer's first choice and best value for workload here in Warner Robins," he said.