Changes to Air Force Profile System

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  • By Robins Health and Wellness Center
In recent years, the process to obtain fitness testing exemptions has meant two different forms: an AF469, issued by the Air Force provider, and the AF422, issued by the exercise physiologist and approved by an Air Force profile officer.

Effective immediately, there are some changes to the process of obtaining a profile. In January, AFI 10-203 was published, which allows Air Force providers to document fitness restrictions directly on the AF469. This allows for less documentation required to receive Fitness Assessment Exemptions. Along with normal duty and mobility limitations, providers may also note any FAEs and training restrictions on the AF469 when the condition lasts for less than 181 days.

The AF422 will still be used by the exercise physiologist to document exercise prescriptions for those members who have conditions which will last longer than 180 days.

"The new procedure will expedite the process by eliminating the middle man from the exemption process, said Stuart Bapties, Robins' Health and Wellness Center Director, and will result in the Health and Wellness Center exercise physiologist having more availability to do hands on interventions for those Airmen in need of exercise prescriptions while recuperating from injuries or who are struggling with FA failures."

Official notification of the forms remains electronic via the Aeromedical Services Information Management System. Typically, commanders, unit deployment managers and first sergeants receive these notifications at the unit commander's discretion. Unit fitness program managers may also be appointed by their respective commanders. The point of contact for updating these appointments is the 78th AMDS Public Health flight.

Members may review their own information via MyIMR, which provides them access to completed documents as well as other readiness information. This tool will ensure that a member has the latest official information. Personnel can access MyIMR through the Air Force Portal.

The following are conditions when an AF422 will be issued by the exercise physiologist: Referral from any provider, UFPM referral for exemption from any fitness assessment component in a continuous 12 month period, UFPM referral for four fitness assessment component exemptions in 24 months, referral by the commander or UFPM as necessary or a self-referral by the Airman.

The Robins fitness assessment cell has been instructed that it can now utilize the current AF422 until existing AF 422s expire or the new AF469 (including working copy) containing FAEs is on hand.

- Courtesy Robins Health and Wellness Center